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History Day Timeline  {This Year’s Theme: Taking a Stand”}                Visit my school website and go to “nhdrhodeisland.org” for more details.


September______  Assign topic search. Research topic list on my school website according to grade.  Students may also skim textbook and search on-line for topic that coincides with theme & curriculum. Be sure to frequently check-in with teacher to assess viability of topic. Try to incorporate words from the theme into your title, ideally in the form of a question. NOTE: All topics must be approved by Mr. A..


September_____Three possible Topic Titles & Identification of Partner(s) due.

Students identify possible partner  or  indicate that they will submit as individual.

Students may choose 1 or 2 partners for Live Performance only.

Documentary, Web-site, Paper or Exhibit submitted as individual only.

When choosing a category to consider:

  1. Go to “nhd.org.”

  2. Click on “Entering the Contest.”

  3. Go to “Creating an Entry.”

  4. Scroll down for category entry info. (Also check past student entries on-line and on Youtube.)

Be sure topic is not too broad  >The Civil War, Slavery, Lincoln  unacceptable!


October _____ Final decision on working Topic Title due. Start reading, taking notes on template about topic, gathering books from the library, considering possible primary sources, and researching information on-line. Also, begin considering likely people to interview. Be sure to take notes on template and record info. for bibliography.


October____ Conference with teacher about primary & secondary sources you have been researching. Remember, a primary source is an eyewitness, contemporary account.


November ___ Working Thesis Statement due & choice of category entered.

Conference with teacher showing notes recorded on template. (See below.)


December____Notes due (submitted on template in columns - context, story, impact.)

Outline due with subtopics and/or details:

  I    Introduction (w/ thesis statement)

  II   Historical Context

  III  The Event

  IV  Historical Impact

  V   Conclusion (tie-in to thesis statement)


January____Annotated Bibliography & Process Paper due (see Mr.A’s. website).            


January____Class Presentation due (minus 10 pts. per day late)


Feb. 16, 2017   School-wide History Day – St. Rose of Lima School

___________   R.I. History Day – Providence College

June 11-15     National History Day - Washington D.C.