Classroom Notes for Rosebuds

Here is a thought: If you have not been attending mass why not start today? We all could use some extra prayers.  

2013-2014 School Year
 Please get the word out that Rosebuds, our new 3 year old program will begin in August as well!! We have been working hard on this and I know it will be a success. Children must be 3 by first day of school and potty trained. 

Please welcome Mrs. Senerchia back in the pre-school classroom.  She will be my aid. She is extremely loving and talented and I am thrilled she is coming back to St. Rose!

Theme of the week:
Who am I? Please make sure you filled in the form that went home with your child this summer. Also, make sure your child colors the person and you glue their face to the person.

  Corduroy Bear:
Stay tuned for details on your child to bring him home for the weekend and share books with your family as well as your adventure with the class.

It is very important that you are attending mass each week.  As you know, many of our 10:30 masses are children's masses. There is a cry room too.

Sick Policy:
Make sure you have a plan in regards to your child being sick. As a parent, I understand the difficulty with taking time out of work, however, sending your child to school sick, makes others in the building sick and the chain reaction begins. This is a recommendation from the CDC that we are encouraging all parents to form a plan in case a sickness would arise. 

Please inform me of your daily routine for pick up, if things change you need to inform me. Otherwise, I will not release your child to someone who is not approved by you. This is for safety reasons.
Lunch time will be at 11:25 with recess to follow.  Please send you child in with a snack for the morning.  Hot lunch will be $3.75 for a full lunch, 50 cents for milk, and 3.00 for pizza day or 1.25 per slice. Please try to write a check made out to St. Rose of Lima and try to pay the beginning of the week.  This helps Mrs. Lamothe out tremendously. Also, make sure your disclaimer forms are up to date so you can volunteer during lunch time.
I will TRY to update our website weekly so you know what is going on in the classroom. This will help with dinner conversations. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact me via email or call the school 401-739-6937.
May God bless you all,
Mrs. Healey